Title: Senior Front End Engineer
Location: Menlo Park, CA

We’re looking for a talented senior user interface engineer to join our growing team and help us solve some of the world’s most difficult problems. One of the best things about working at Cataphora is the sheer variety and scale of the technical challenges that we face every day. We have no shortage of substantive real world problems, all with high levels of importance and visibility to our clients. We have a need for people that can navigate the maze, developing solutions to take our technology to the next level.

Our UI group creates interfaces for software that reveals patterns of human behavior implicit in digital data. Consequently, while part of our work is building traditional swing-based user interfaces, another part is building complex, compelling and entertaining visualizations.

At Cataphora, we expect you to be creative and versatile. If your response to uncertainty is to dive in headfirst, Cataphora may be the right fit for you.

What we don’t care about

  • What college you went to (or if you went at all)
  • What your previous job titles were
  • What programming languages or frameworks you know (internally, we use Java, Prefuse, Swing, and others, but if you’re smart, you can always learn)
  • Any other silly buzzwords

What we do care about

  • Your problem solving capacity
  • Your ability to create great user experiences
  • Technical creativity, pragmatism, and flexibility in approaches used
  • An ability to solve problems under conditions that can be demanding due to time constraints, problem difficulty, and less than complete specification of requirements
  • Most importantly, a belief that there is always a better way

Note: You must have U.S. citizenship, permanent residency, or be able to obtain a visa with authorization to work in the United States. We will sponsor visas where appropriate.

To apply, please send your resume (inline preferred; RTF, Word Doc or PDF otherwise) to work@cataphora.com.